ViaMedina is Mark and Ginger Medina-Rios, and the road they travel together. 

ViaMedina is a culinary project developed by Chef Mark Medina-Rios and his wife Ginger to bring their shared love of travel, writing and cooking together. Mark is a chef who has spent the last fifteen years travelling between his native England, the United States and now Italy and worked in Michelin starred kitchens. Ginger has done a bit of everything, travelling around the world and amassing a pretty handy skill set along the way. In 2013 we moved to Tuscania, a small town on the Lazio/Tuscany border to work on a farm and see what would happen. Learn more here : From Tuscania, with Love

Since then we've learned how to grow our own food and how to take that food and make something wonderful from whatever we manage to get. More than that we learned that not only did we really like being around each other, we loved working together. Whether in a kitchen, a carrot patch or in front of a computer we inspire each other to do that thing we might not have done otherwise and whatever the outcome, we take those leaps together. 

Our blog is full of all of the random run ins, recipes and road trips that we take. We'll post recipes that Mark is working on, but sometimes they may be unfinished and in need of some audience participation. We will also post some longer writings about the history of food, of eating, or of cooking. Sometimes we might post videos of our cats, or a really good pun we've thought up. And we hope you'll do the same. Visit the blog here. 


ViaMedina is a notebook, a chronicle of the road less travelled. And that will make all the difference.