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Travel Concierge and Private Chef Services in Central Italy

Services: ViaMedina offers private services for guests looking for authentic experiences in Central Italy. We provide concierge services, private chefs, event planning and cooking lessons and we organise bespoke tours, academic conferences and corporate retreats. 

 Tuscania: the place to be. Image courtesy of Nicolay Ivanov 

Tuscania: the place to be. Image courtesy of Nicolay Ivanov 



ViaMedina began as a culinary project exploring ideas inside and out of the kitchen, and the services that we provide remain faithful to that goal. We share our knowledge of food, culture, and travel to give you the space to explore ideas and create your own memorable experience. We're with you every step of the way, and invite you into the places we've been lucky enough to discover. 

 How else do you relax if not poolside with an 8th century  basilica  in the distance? 

How else do you relax if not poolside with an 8th century basilica in the distance? 

Travel Concierge  

From the moment you decide to organise a trip, we'll be on the other end of the line to answer any questions you have and make any arrangements you need. No matter where you want to go or what surprises you want to plan, we've got contacts all over the world that will make it happen. We speak English, Italian, French and Spanish and work with trusted interpreters that will make sure your message gets across. 

Whether you're looking for an intimate holiday or a wild ride, we'll make it happen. 

"My family and I spent three days in Tuscania with Ginger and Mark. They helped facilitate cheese making classes, tours to the local abbey and cooked us the most incredible private meal. They run a very professional business and keep it fun! They are both so lovely, we can not wait to go back." - Demetra, England

Private Dining

We're happy to come to your home or rental property to prepare a meal for you and your guests, and can work with you to plan a menu or give you a taste of some local dishes. Let us know where you are and when you're hungry, and we'll do the rest. 

During the season we are chefs in residence at the Abbazia di San Giusto, a 12th century Cistercian Abbey in Tuscania that has been incredibly restored and converted into an agriturismo and event space. Guests of the Abbey can book us to cook for them throughout their stay, and in special cases the Abbey is open to the public for dinner. Take a look at previous menusBook your stay at the Abbey, you will not be sorry. 

We travel all over the world to create authentic and unique culinary experiences for guests, and we have a network of colleagues and collaborators that allows us to hit the ground running, wherever we are. Contact us to start crafting your menu. 

 Home made wood grain ravioli with basil and hazelnuts. The pasta dough is made by blending five different types of dough and is inspired by the wooden columns at the Abbazia di San Giusto. 

Home made wood grain ravioli with basil and hazelnuts. The pasta dough is made by blending five different types of dough and is inspired by the wooden columns at the Abbazia di San Giusto. 

 Look at those happy faces! 

Look at those happy faces! 


Italy is one of the best places to organise an event, for almost any occasion. We've put together academic conferences, corporate retreats, family reunions and birthday parties. Heck, we even helped celebrate a bishop being ordained! 

If you've got an event in mind and want an incredible event, we'll help you find a space, set it up and of course prepare a stellar menu. Contact us and tell us some more about your plans, and we'll make it happen. 

We know how many people love getting married in Italy, and we love seeing weddings here, but we're not wedding planners and we typically don't do wedding receptions. However, we know some great wedding planners all over Italy, and we're happy to put you in touch with them for your special day. Plus, we are happy to organise your rehearsal dinner or day after brunch! 


Italy is a feast for the senses, and the best way to take it all in is to let your stomach lead you. We design culinary tours in partnership with our friends at My Love Italy that you won't find anywhere else. 

We love going off the beaten path- hey, that's what brought us to Tuscania! But just because you want to avoid the tourist traps doesn't mean you have to go it alone. We'll work with you to design the tour you want, and we'll give you as much help (or distance) as you'd like. And we'll always be a phone call away in case you need us to translate, bail you out, or get you home. 

One of our favourite stops to make is with our friend Francesco Marras, a Sardinian cheesemaker who practices the same techniques that began thousands of years ago. Go to his home and learn hands on what it takes to make Pecorino Sardo, sit at his table, and then have your very own pecorino sent to you after its aged under his watchful eye. 


 Learn the immortal technique with the master himself, Francesco Marras. 

Learn the immortal technique with the master himself, Francesco Marras. 

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Cooking Classes 

Why have a Michelin trained chef around if he can't teach you some pointers, right? Mark is an amazing teacher, and he's done cooking classes with groups from all over the world, and is a specialist of pasta making classes with kids as well as adults (check out his squad). 

We also love the stories behind the dishes, which is what led Mark to teach a course about the culinary history of Tuscania at the Instituto Lorenzo de Medici for university students. We also think that cooking well is about knowing your kitchen, and your instruments, so we offer a knife skills class for aspiring chefs to get a handle (!) on their tools. 

But cooking isn't all about the kitchen! We love doing foraging tours where we wander around the countryside gathering the ingredients that go into some of Tuscania's signature dishes.  


Central Italy is one of the most prolific repositories of human civilisation, and in every town you'll find centuries old artefacts and monuments. There is truly no better backdrop for an academic gathering, workshop, or conference. 

We've hosted researchers from around the world in historic buildings where they exchange their ideas in the same halls that great philosophers did before them. If your institute or university is planning a meeting, we can find you all of the resources you need to make it a success. 

We arrange travel, accommodation, transport and meals- basically, all of the practical stuff, so you can stay focused on the bigger picture.  

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 Gone are the days of trust exercises, old wooden cabins and passing around the sharing stick. Your retreat is better than that, and we'll make sure there's enough emphasis on pleasure as there is on business. Central Italy is the perfect place to organise a wellness, yoga or corporate retreat: close enough to reach from any points, and far enough off the beaten track to let you focus on what you want to accomplish. 

We work with your company goals to design an itinerary that fits your needs while kitting guests out with the best experience they can have. You work hard all year round, now is the time to let us work for you. 

We find your team exclusive accommodations, a private chef, and all the equipment you need to make this retreat stand out among the rest. And if you really need the sharing stick, we can find that for you too.